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Low Cal. Low Carb

Normal hot chocolate is all sugar, all calories and no kick. Problem solved.

Only 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of carbs, and 100 mg of caffeine per serving.

Mix it with your favorite flavors, smoothies, and treats for energy throughout the day.

Worth Every Penny

If you’re spending can after can of energy drinks, soda, or coffee you’re missing out!

Compare Rogue Cocoa to your favorite coffee or hot chocolate. 100 mg of caffeine will keep you going all day!

Mix In Anything

Enjoy in any weather. Mix it in smoothies, make iced hot cocoa, or throw it in your morning oats.

Each pack of Rogue Cocoa packs 30 servings. A month supply of caffeine for a price you can afford.


Taking care of a baby is exhausting. Add on working 12 hour shifts as a nurse and I feel like I’m never awake enough to get through the day. Rogue Cocoa tastes amazing and gives me just enough energy to feel alert and productive. I love this stuff!


I love this stuff, and I won’t go with out it again! I bought this as an alternative to energy drinks and soda and it’s quickly been a staple to my busy work day and the right pick me up I needed! IIt was a tough thing to do, but I shared some with folks at work, and it quickly become an office favorite and looks like I’ll be stocking my office building with this stuff now!

Fritz Jung

I was drinking a ton of soda or energy drinks to try and stay awake on the night shift or double shifts but I have found that Rogue Cocoa has helped me stay awake longer with less sugar and other ingredients, and I love any hot chocolate. I use one scoop in a 16 oz mug with 2% milk and it’s pretty dang tasty. The cocoa is very rich and delicious.

Tyson E

55 out of 5 stars (based on 16 reviews)
Very good0%


⯈ Caffeine

Rogue Cocoa caffeinated hot chocolate has 100 mg of caffeine per 8 oz prepared serving, but with Rogue Cocoa you can prepare it as strong as you like, or drink as much as you like.

Compared to other drinks:

  • (Coffee) 16 oz. Starbucks Grande Coffee – 330 mg
  • (Coffee) 20 oz. Dutch Bros. Coffee – 256 mg
  • (Shot) 2 oz. 5 Hour Energy – 200 mg
  • (Shot) 2 oz. 7-Eleven Energy – 200 mg
  • (Coffee) 8 oz. Regular Brewed Coffee – 163 mg
  • (Energy Drink) 16 oz. Monster Energy  – 160 mg
  • (Energy Drink) 16 oz. Rockstar – 160 mg
  • (Energy Drink) 12 oz. Red Bull – 111 mg
  • (Hot Chocolate) 8 oz. Rogue Cocoa – 100 mg
  • (Tea) 8 oz. Lipton Tea – 55 mg
  • (Soda) 12 oz. Mountain Dew – 54 mg
  • (Soda) 12 oz. Diet Coke – 46 mg

A 32 oz. gas station fountain drink filled with diet soda will give you 122 mg of caffeine.

⯈ Ingredients

Rogue Cocoa is 100% caffeinated hot chocolate. There is no coffee or tea in Rogue CocoaIngredients depend on the product, but include:

  • cocoa powder
  • caffeine anhydrous
  • sugar
  • sucralose
  • coconut milk powder (coconut variation only)

⯈ Children

Rogue Cocoa is made with the best ingredients and kept as simple and natural as possible. But Rogue Cocoa is a caffeinated beverage. The FDA cites that up to 400 mg of caffeine is OK for adult intake, but have not determined an amount for children. We would like to recommend that Rogue Cocoa is NOT for children. While caffeine is useful for average adults a growing adolescent child should probably not use high levels of caffeine.

⯈ Shopping

You can order anytime through RogueCocoa.com and as always through our Etsy shop. Rogue Cocoa is currently only available through our online stores.

⯈ Returns

Because of the nature of food products, we do not accept any returns. All sales are final. Email us with specific questions. Rogue Cocoa is made with sucralose. Some people like it, others don’t. Read ingredients and information before purchase. NO RETURNS accepted.

⯈ Shipping

Your order is typically processed within 1-2 days and ships via USPS First Class Mail. Most shipments arrive within 2-5 days.

We are currently in the process of testing shipping to Canada. International shipping is not available at this time.

Amazon Orders

Amazon orders are handled through a third-party vendor. Any orders placed on Amazon are done through Amazon and the third-party. We have no access to your orders. If you have any questions please reach out through Amazon.com where you placed the order. RogueCocoa.com does not handle Amazon orders.

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