Caffeine. The final frontier. A few friends asked us for this recipe and we’re weirded out but happy to oblige.

Yes. We caffeinated brownies. And before the same people who ask, “Isn’t caffeinated hot chocolate just mocha?” raise their hands asking, “Aren’t caffeinated brownies just like edibles from Colorado?” Our answer is already: No. These are better!

One batch of brownies has 400 mg of caffeine. Which means in a batch of 15 brownies, each contains about 26mg of caffeine. Not as strong as a cup of Rogue Cocoa, but just strong enough to make it through that pile of laundry you’ve avoided all week.

We know you’ll never make caffeinated brownies. We get it. But just knowing you could is all that matters. Just like knowing that if you were mugged you “could” do karate if necessary. We all know we can, we just won’t ever need to…

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