Rogue Cocoa is versatile. You can put in pretty much anything. Need some chocolate in your morning smoothie? Want to boost your oatmeal game? Want your 5 year old to have the rambunctiousness of 7 cats? Bad idea. But instead you can make it with almond milk for a dairy-free drink for yourself. Or mix it with Pero for a deep mocha flavor. And of course you can mix it with just water for when your hiking the mountains.

Why do you use Rogue Cocoa? Are you tired? Do you have a puppy that barks all night like us? Do you have kids that bark all night instead? We get it, but you CAN do it all with a little push. Subscribe for monthly Rogue Cocoa delivery to add to your hustle. Here are our favorite ways to drink Rogue.

Mocha Rogue

This is my personal favorite. I heat up 4 oz of whole milk, add my scoop of Original Rogue and then a scoop of Pero on top. After a good mix I top it off with more cold milk and pour it over ice. It’s my favorite part of breakfast and I seriously have great focus afterwards. It tastes less sweet and has a good mocha flavor.

Coconut Almond

A recipe that is also loved in this household. We heat 8 oz of Almond/Coconut milk and add a two scoops of Coconut Rogue Cocoa. Mix in a tablespoon of cream and a dash of cinnamon and you’ve got the perfect almond joy flavor!


Rogue Cocoa is already sweetened, so we don’t like to add other sweetened flavors to it. We make our favorite mint tea in 4 oz of water, and mix it with 4 oz of mixed Original Rogue Cocoa. You get a delicious and natural mint flavor without the sweetness of mint flavored syrups or candies. It’s one of our favorite ways to mix it up while keeping within our diet plans!

What are your favorite recipes? If you love Rogue Cocoa leave us a review and tell us!