Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rogue Cocoa contain any coffee?

Rogue Cocoa is 100% caffeinated hot chocolate. There is NO COFFEE or TEA in Rogue Cocoa. If you would drink a diet soda then you would drink Rogue Cocoa.

How does Rogue Cocoa compare with other caffeinated drinks?

Rogue Cocoa has 100 mg of caffeine per 8 oz prepared serving, but with Rogue Cocoa you can prepare it as strong as you like, or drink as much as you like.

Compared to other drinks:

  • (Coffee) 16 oz. Starbucks Grande Coffee – 330 mg
  • (Coffee) 20 oz. Dutch Bros. Coffee – 256 mg
  • (Shot) 2 oz. 5 Hour Energy – 200 mg
  • (Shot) 2 oz. 7-Eleven Energy – 200 mg
  • (Coffee) 8 oz. Regular Brewed Coffee – 163 mg
  • (Energy Drink) 16 oz. Monster Energy  – 160 mg
  • (Energy Drink) 16 oz. Rockstar – 160 mg
  • (Energy Drink) 12 oz. Red Bull – 111 mg
  • (Hot Chocolate) 8 oz. Rogue Cocoa – 100 mg
  • (Tea) 8 oz. Lipton Tea – 55 mg
  • (Soda) 12 oz. Mountain Dew – 54 mg
  • (Soda) 12 oz. Diet Coke – 46 mg

A 32 oz. gas station fountain drink filled with diet soda will give you 122 mg of caffeine.

(based on the standard size they come in. No one drinks 1/2 a Redbull)

Why is Rogue Cocoa $14.99?

Rogue Cocoa is not your average, store-brand, hot chocolate. It’s made with gourmet cocoa and just the right amount of sweetness and caffeine. You can taste the difference.

A jar of brand name hot chocolate from the store costs between $4.50 -$5.50, and only gives you 15 servings, so for 30 servings you’d pay between $9.00 -$11.00. Rogue Cocoa is above average taste with above average qualities, like 100 mg of caffeine per serving.

We work hard to keep prices low and to pass those low prices to you. We also offer FREE shipping on all orders, to make sure you get the best deal!

If you think Rogue Cocoa is a little expensive, think about this:

If you buy 3 cups of coffee, 7 energy drinks or 15 cans of soda a month then you already spend enough to buy a month supply of Rogue Cocoa.

Where can I buy Rogue Cocoa?

For now Rogue Cocoa is available only online. Visit our home page to place your order. We’re working on placing Rogue Cocoa in big box grocery stores and your favorite drink places.

What are the ingredients in Rogue Cocoa?

We keep Rogue Cocoa simple, with only 4 ingredients:

  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (powder)
  • Sucralose (splenda sweetener)

While other hot chocolate brands are filled with emulsifiers, fillers, or additional ingredients, Rogue Cocoa gives you only the best, most simple hot chocolate mix.

Rogue Cocoa is working on sourcing its cocoa, sugar and other ingredients in a sustainable manner. While we cannot verify currently that our cocoa and sugar are organic or free-trade, we will continue to work with our manufacturer to improve our footprint and your experience with Rogue Cocoa.

What is the Return Policy?

Because of the nature of food products, we do not accept any returns. All sales are final.

Is Rogue Cocoa OK for Children?

Rogue Cocoa is made with the best ingredients and kept as simple and natural as possible. But Rogue Cocoa is a caffeinated beverage. The FDA cites that up to 400 mg of caffeine is OK for adult intake, but have not determined an amount for children. We would like to recommend that Rogue Cocoa is NOT for children. While caffeine is useful for average adults a growing adolescent child should probably not use caffeine.

I’d like to make a bulk order, how can I do so?

Visit our Vendors/Bulk page if you’re interested in ordering or selling Rogue Cocoa for your event, in your store, are making it in your cafe. Reach out for bulk pricing and to place an order.