Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies are your next favorite thing to make at home. You already order CHIP every week (if you’re from northern Utah), so you’re already aware of the greatness contained in a chocolate chip cookie the size of your head.

These are a recipe all our own making. My wife has worked tirelessly making and eating cookies to get this recipe the way she wants it. She’s taken it to friends and neighbors to test their stunned looks and gauge if she got the size right. If you want to know if you’ve made your cookie big enough, there’s a simple rule of thumb, would someone look at this and say “wow!”. If not, your cookie isn’t big enough.

These cookies are perfect, with a golden crisp outside and a moist chewy center. They keep well for days and just one cookie is enough to last you all night. So grab a fresh cookie, a new Netflix show and a glass of caffeinated Rogue Cocoa for the perfect weekend!

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