Unique Caffeinated Gift Ideas You Can’t Pass Up

If you’re getting a jump on the holidays, or shopping for yourself, don’t pass on these unique caffeinated gift ideas!

1. For The Chill One

Needing a gift for The Chill One in your life? Maybe its your mom, maybe its your roommate that cleans your dishes for you like a saint, maybe its someone who steals your body warmth like a vampire. Regardless, we recommend:

The tropical coconut pack has a lighter flavor and goes great with early morning yoga, kicking butt at the office, grading papers and binging Netflix.

2. For The Wild One

A gift for The Wild One isn’t as complicated as it sounds. They probably like rock climbing at the local spot, aren’t afraid of 10° weather, and stay up late for no reason. We recommend:

Why ramen too? We all know The Wild One doesn’t have time to cook! They’re busy playing intramural sports, taking kids to soccer, or finishing that project they said they’d finish 8 months ago…

3. For The Tired One

There is NO better gift for The Tired One in your life. You know them well. They sleep on the couch with the TV on, or they’re always on that patch of grass on campus…

We don’t judge The Tired One. They work hard, they sleep hard. They probably studied until midnight, worked late hours, or gave it 110% that day (impossible) and they deserve a break.

4. For Yourself

You know yourself. You’ve been together forever and you share the same love language: gifts. We recommend:

It’s winter. There’s nothing better than curling up with Yourself and doing what you love. Nothing.

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